Timberwood Park Elementary Wins Annual Math Pentabowl

For the second year in a row, the Comal Independent School District hosted a district-wide math competition featuring fifth-grade student teams representing all 18 elementary campuses.

This year’s winning team was Timberwood Park Elementary which went head to head with Hoffmann Lane Elementary in the final round of the 5th Grade Math Pentabowl.

“This is a great way for students to showcase their skills and aptitude in mathematics,” said Sandie Schneider, Comal ISD elementary math coordinator.

Once teams of 10 participants from each campus are selected, they are seeded by a random drawing in a tournament-style, 18-team bracket. This single-elimination tournament is executed virtually through Zoom meeting.

During each round, questions are taken from an envelope and dropped on the competition table when the announcer begins the round. Students then take a question and record their answers on the answer document. When the time runs out, all hands must go in the air.

Here’s a sample question. “The college that Kyle attends has 105 classrooms, and each classroom has 25 chairs. How many total chairs are in all the classrooms at Kyle’s college?” Select from options A through D. “A. 735; B. 2,505; C. 2,525; D. 2,625.”

The competition is tough, and these students work hard to be selected for their teams. Congratulations to the TPES champions, the HLES runner up and to all the awesome participants.




-The Timberwood Park Elementary team won this year’s Comal ISD 5th Grade Math Pentabowl.

-The Hoffmann Lane Elementary team took second place in this year’s Comal ISD 5th Grade Math Pentabowl.




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