Davenport Students Present Handmade 'Comal ISD' Trailer Hitches to Trustees

Feb. 3, 2023 - In recognition of School Board Appreciation Month, students from Davenport High School presented one-of-a-kind ‘Comal ISD’ trailer hitches to members of the Comal ISD Board of Trustees during January’s board meeting.

Four students designed and created the gifts as a way to thank the seven trustees and the district’s superintendent for their dedication and support.

The students, including Davis Brimager, Hunter Laraway, Aydan Walker and Gerald Evan Yates, spent a month working on the project with the guidance of DHS agricultural science teacher Cody Poerner.

“I want to emphasize, that these students came up with this idea, not me,” Poerner said. “I just helped them along the way. They did this truly to give back to our trustees for all the labor and diligence they give to students in all they do in their roles.”

The design, which features the Comal ISD logo of two students reading under a tree wrapped by a “C,” was chosen to show that all schools and all students within the district share the same educational foundation. The hitches were painted to highlight the high schools that each trustee represents.

The project, which took a month to complete, included designing, cutting, welding and painting the hitches. The students began by creating a rough draft of the image, followed by determining a list of materials needed along with the cost of those materials. They then drew the image onto the computer-aided design (CAD) system. Next, they cut out the design, smoothed it, welded the hitch to the design, painted and tested it for durability.

The trustees were proud to accept these unique gifts which showcase the talents of Comal ISD students.


-Davenport High School students used their design and welding skills to craft one-of-a-kind ‘Comal ISD’ trailer hitches for members of the Board of Trustees and superintendent, Dr. John E. Chapman. The presented the hitches to them during the January board meeting in honor of School Board Appreciation Month.



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