Startzville Elementary Student Donates Points to Juvenile Diabetes

March 27, 2023 - A third-grade student at Startzville Elementary donated his Imagine Math points to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) at the end of the year, and in return got a shout-out on Twitter for being a “top donor.”

“I know that Juvenile Diabetes is a serious disease that affects a lot of kids,” said Sterling Smith in the Imagine Learning Twitter post. “I am fortunate not to know anyone affected, but I want to help those who are.”

Imagine Math is a supplemental, online math program that works with the classroom teacher’s curriculum to engage students, reinforce math concepts and provide additional lessons. Students earn ‘think’ points as they complete Imagine Math lessons, which they can donate to a nationally recognized featured charity of the month. Imagine Learning makes a monetary donation to the charity based on the number of ‘think’ points donated by students, who may donate as many points as they want and as often as they want throughout the school year.

In December, JDRF was the featured charity, and 10,000 points equaled 25 cents. Smith donated 1.8 million points which equaled $45 to JDRF. Each Imagine Math lesson earns a student 25 points with bonus point opportunities for students who pass more lessons.

Imagine Math took notice of Smith because he made one of the largest donations to JDRF as a single student.

Collectively, however, Comal ISD students have been generous when it comes to donating their points. Since September, Comal ISD students have donated $1,670 to charities through Imagine Math including 4-H, the American Red Cross, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, Feeding America, Special Operations Warrior Foundation and JDRF.

Smith and his third-grade classmates have been using Imagine Math since they were in kindergarten. He enjoys changing his avatar, collecting points and donating them to a charity that benefits others.

The math curriculum instructional coach at STZES, Angelina Callaway, explains that Imagine Math has been a great resource for her students.

“I see a significant impact on our math growth in the grade levels that use it the most,” Callaway says. “Sterling is consistently performing at the Masters level and has created a buzz that is making all students want to be a part of the Imagine Math Club.”


Way to go, Sterling! 


-Startzville Elementary student Sterling Smith donated his Imagine Math points to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and became a top donor.



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