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Leadership and Organizations

Every Student Connected is an initiative within Comal ISD's strategic priority - Embrace Choice. Students who are connected to opportunities for enrichment (clubs, extra-curricular activities, intramural sports, leadership organizations, etc) make connections that increase academic performance, attendance, scholarships, higher ed acceptance, career opportunities, and military readiness.

Our goal is to have 100% of Comal ISD K-12 Grade Students Connected to at least one enrichment opportunity every year they are in Comal ISD.

Each campus offers unique Leadership Opportunities.  Here are some of our district programs offered at all campuses to support student growth in leadership, self management, and life skills: 

  • In the Classroom - 6th Grade Youth Leadership, AVID
  • On Campus - Student Council, A+ Academics
  • In the Community - Comal Fit and Comal Intramural Sports Events

Opportunities are frequently updated and may not be available at every campus.  

Opportunity Description Sponsor(s)
A+ Art As part of their study, students will demonstrate an understanding of art history and interpret ideas and moods in original artworks while making informed judgments about the artwork. Jennifer Massey
A+ Calculator Applications Students will take a test containing 80 problems in 30 minutes. The contest consists of problems which may include calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots, and powers. It also includes straight-forward calculation problems, and simple geometric and stated problems similar to those found in recently adopted textbooks. Jaycee Gavlick
A+ Chess Puzzle Chess puzzle competition is very different from tournament chess play. Contestants in a chess puzzle contest receive a paper-and-pencil test that includes a series of chess boards with pieces in particular positions. Questions are based on analysis of material or possible moves in each given diagram. Matthew Ditta,
A+ Dictionary Skills Contestants use dictionaries during the competition, which may be tabbed. Contest questions cover word origins and histories, parts of speech, pronunciation, variant spellings, plurals, alphabetizing and other such elements. Test questions are also taken from charts, tables and lists contained in the dictionary. Nicki Konecki
A+ Impromptu Speaking This contest provides opportunities for students in grades 6, 7 and 8 to evaluate speeches given by others; to explore the use of the voice and body in speaking situations; to examine the different purposes for speaking; to organize ideas; to prepare and deliver various speeches; and to develop self-confidence. Tori Head
A+ Listening Contestants will listen to a script ranging from seven to ten minutes in length, take notes as needed, and use their notes to answer 25 multiple choice, true/false and short answer test questions. A variety of subject matter will be used for the listening tests. Moni Arnold
A+ Maps, Graphs, & Charts The maps, graphs & charts contest is designed to help students learn to get information from a variety of maps, graphs and charts including world maps, pie charts, bar charts and local area maps. Anacrystal Martinez
A+ Mathematics This contest includes problems covering, but not limited to: numeration systems, arithmetic operations involving whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, exponents, order of operations, probability, statistics, number theory, simple interest, measurements and conversions. Geometry and algebra problems may be included as appropriate for the grade level. Guy Ingersoll
A+ Modern Oratory In Modern Oratory, the sixth, seventh and eighth grade contestants will select one of the topics, determine the critical issues in the topic, and acknowledge both pro and con points citing support discovered in their research. Students will choose a side they will defend and support that side with additional evidence. Along with the skills of analysis, research, note-taking, documentation, evaluation and decision-making come those of delivery and the skill of memorization. Stephanie Giddens
A+ Number Sense Individuals are called upon every day to use their ability to make quick mental calculations to make decisions. The development of such abilities should be an integral part of the math curriculum. Concepts covered include, but are not limited to: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, proportions, and use of mathematical notation. Jaycee Gavlick
A+ One Act Play This is a group activity to compete with the theatrical performance as a part of the UIL One Act Play company. Acting and technical opportunities are available as part of this performance group. Elijah Holland
A+ Oral Reading Reading literature out loud provides opportunities for students to analyze the text, to grow and to develop as a performer, to communicate a message to an audience and to perform an artistic creation. The oral reading competition should be an extension of the classroom literary and language arts activities in poetry, short stories and children's fiction. Christina Hallum
A+ Ready Writing Texas has put a great emphasis on writing skills at all levels of school and all levels of state-wide testing. Ready Writing, a contest for students in grades 3,4,5,6,7 and 8, builds upon those skills and helps students refine their writing abilities. In particular, this contest helps them to learn to write clearly and correctly a paper that is interesting and original. Moni Arnold
A+ Science The contest was designed to test not only memory but the ability to critically think about science and scientific processes and concepts. Such concepts include, but are not limited to: matter and energy, equilibrium, force and motion, physical and chemical properties, the relationship between organisms and the environment, the components of our solar system, the composition of matter and genetics. The contest will build upon the vast body of changing and increasing knowledge described by physical, mathematical, and conceptual models. Beth Norman
A+ Social Studies Test topics defined by a study outline, to be updated yearly (Academic A+ UIL Social Studies page for current study guide).  Correlate with the TEKS for social studies.  Test content taken from state adopted textbooks and identified primary sources. Jonah Nicholson
A+ Spelling The spelling contest is designed to give students in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 exposure to a wide variety of vocabulary words. It is not a contest of memorization. For the most educational value, preparation for this contest should include instruction in the rules of the English language, meanings and definitions, and root words. In addition to learning to spell proficiently, contestants will learn to write clearly and to capitalize words properly. Mason Smith
Adventure Gaming    
Art Club Art Club provides an opportunity for students to further their artistic talents and creativity in a small group setting. Hallum/Arriaga
AVID This is a curricular course that occurs during the school day. AVID, or Advancement Via Individual Determination, helps students with writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading by incorporating a variety of strategies, goal-setting, teamwork, and preparation for college and future careers. Ray Corona
Band This is a curricular course on musical instruments that provides students the opportunity to perform and continue learning outside the school day on occasion. Kelsey Lien, Nichele Gonzales
Baseball (one team for school) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and baseball fundamentals. Bernie Gutierrez, Cordell Dwyer
Basketball Boys (A & B team) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and basketball fundamentals. Bernie Gutierrez, Justin McCarty
Basketball Girls (A & B team) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and basketball fundamentals. Jessica Galindo, Nicole Crumpley, Bailey Goodenough, Kaitlin Sanchez
Name That Book Students who love to read improve their reading skills as they read and discuss various  novels together. Kristen Day
Cheerleading Cheerleading consists of instruction in basic movement and voice activities involved in promoting spirit. Other activities include preparation for half-time shows, parades, pep rallies and other spirit activities. Tracy Borron
Chess Club Students learn critical thinking strategies and improve their chess skills by playing others in friendly games. Matthew Ditta,
Choir This is a curricular course on choral performance that provides students the opportunity to perform and continue learning outside the school day on occasion. Azziya Richardson
College & Career Readiness This course is an activity-based career development course that provides relationships between classroom experiences, community resources, and career choices to real world outcomes.  Opportunities to develop and/or improve self-awareness in relation to career opportunities and options and related education, training and lifelong learning, and success in all adult roles will be provided through classroom activities and job shadowing experiences in the community.  Opportunities to explore a variety of career options within a specific career concentration will be provided to all participants.  Each student will develop a six-year plan to include opportunities for advanced courses and CTE courses related to a Program of Study. Nicole Crumpley
Comal Speaks Competition between CISD Middle School Students to find the “Best Speaker” when presenting their views on character traits and their benefit in life to teachers, counselors, principals, and administrators in CISD. This event reinforces and recognizes TEKS involving concepts about self, human relationships, and the environment. These skills are taught through the Student Leadership curriculum during the 6th grade, College and Career Readiness in 7th grade and are reinforced as often as possible. Elijah Holland
Cross Country B/G (one team for school) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and cross country fundamentals. Jessica Galindo
CyberPatriots The CyberPatriot’s National Youth Cyber Defense Competition challenges teams of high school and middle school students to find and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities in virtual operating systems. Teams are scored on how secure they make the system. Patrick Mondragon
Dance Team This is a curricular course that allows students to learn dance technique while also increasing their physical fitness. Occasional opportunities to showcase their dance outside of class in performances is offered. Andrea Bustos
FCA Student-Led, Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an international non-profit Christian sports ministry open to all. Students unite their two passions, faith and athletics to impact the world positively. Kaitlin Barry, Jessica Galindo
First Lego League Students in grades 4-8 can try out for their campus First Lego League team. Participants will gain problem-solving experience by building and coding a robot and solving a real-world problem, then competing against teams from around the region. They will improve their research, problem-solving, teamwork, coding and engineering skills as a result of this experience. Patrick Mondragon
Football (V & JV) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and football fundamentals. Mike Broaddus
Golf B/G (7th & 8th) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and golf fundamentals. Cordell Dwyer
Grade/Work Makeup    
I am Second   Niki Konecki
Musical We are putting on a production of Annie Jr. This consists of singing, dancing, and learning blocking and lines for the show. Elijah Holland
NJHS Students learn the value of scholarship, service, leadership, and citizenship. NJHS recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service. Sherri Wong, Kristen Day
Off Campus Connected Students who are involved with work, club sports, community groups, church groups, and other outside organizations that contribute to the community.  
Orchestra This is a curricular course that studies stringed orchestra instruments. Opportunities for continued learning and performance are offered outside the class time. Stephanie Bogue
Pre-Athletics (6th) CISD Pre-Athletics is open to all 6th grade students. Building upon the standard physical education curriculum, this program is designed to provide instruction in sport-specific fundamentals and rules, as well as promote the academic, physical, psychological and social growth of future student athletes. Participation in a student athletic activity is fun and also a significant part of the educational program that represents the high standards of ethics and sportsmanship while developing good character through sports. Major focus areas include: Development of the Student-Athlete, Sportsmanship, Proper Classroom Behavior, and Academic Performance. Mike Broaddus, Justin McCarty, Megan Starling, Jessica Galindo
Running Club Running Club is a before/after school opportunity for students to learn and engage in  the fundamentals of running. Students will work to achieve predetermined goals while learning the benefits of physical activity through running.  
Show Choir Show choir is an auditioned choir that meets Thursday and Friday mornings to work on music. OPEN
Skills for Living This is an activity based course providing students with practical information in the areas  of personal development, family and community   responsibilities, parent-child relationships, food and nutrition, clothing care and construction, housing, and career preparation. Students are required to apply academic learning toward the solutions of real- world responsibilities. This class is full of new and exciting information that you will find helpful during middle school and high school as well as the rest of your life. Jessica Luna
Skills USA Club (Wood Working) Open to 8th grade students,enrolled in Principles of Construction. The club meets once a month and focuses on advanced woodworking techniques used to create bigger projects designed to help our local community and school needs. There is a fall leadership field trip and a winter regional competition in Waco and end of year State Tournaments. Patrick Mondragon
Soccer Boys (one team for school) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and soccer fundamentals. Mike Broaddus
Soccer Girls (one team for school) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and soccer fundamentals. Kaitlin Barry, Megan Starling
Softball (one team for school) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and softball fundamentals. Nicole Crumpley, Meredith Clark
Sow Healthy Gardens Garden Club is an opportunity for students to engage in Fall and/or Spring vegetable gardening with support of the Comal Master Gardeners and the Learn, Grow, Eat, Go curriculum. Jennifer Lowak
Student Council Provides students the opportunity to learn life skills, mentor students, and improve goal-setting, problem solving and stress management skills. Students engage in campus-wide programs and events promoting positive school culture. Niki Konecki, Nicole Crumpley
Tennis B/G Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and tennis fundamentals. Kaitlin Barry
Theater This is a curricular course studying theatre arts. Opportunities for continued learning and performance are offered outside the class time. Elijah Holland
Track Boys Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and track fundamentals. Ray Corona
Track Girls Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and track fundamentals. Jessica Galindo, Nicole Crumpley, Hailey Bock, Kaitlin Sanchez
Tri-M Music Honor Society This is an Honor Society Chapter that opens up a world of opportunities for students who have already shown themselves to be academically capable and musically gifted.  Through performance and community service, they’ll develop confidence, creativity, critical thinking, compassion, and a host of other leadership skills sure to serve them well in school and beyond. Stephanie Bogue
Volleyball (A & B team) Students are involved in weight training, conditioning, and volleyball fundamentals. Megan Starling, Bailey Goodenough, Hailey Bock
Writer's Guild A club for students who like to write--poetry, fiction, whatever! It’s a place for students to write, share writing and get feedback on that writing. Kristen Day
Yearbook This course is designed for highly motivated, independent and creative individuals who wish to learn how to create and design a school yearbook using desktop publishing software. Olivia Arriaga
Youth Leadership The curriculum in this class focuses on preparing students for their future in College, Career, or Military.   The course helps build a solid foundation in academic and social-emotional well-being by equipping students with necessary tools for success in: 1. Effective study skills to help them achieve academically. 2. Leadership development to build a well-rounded student. 3. Character building with focus on resilience. 4. Soft skills, including communication and collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Trevor Leslie