Staff Directory

Name Position Email
Arnold, Monika ELA Intervention Email
Arriaga, Olivia Art/Yearbook Email
Barry, Kaitlin Social Studies Email
Bautizta, Lucinda Front office/Para Email
Bemis, Nicole CIC Email
Bendele, Lindsey Para Behavior Email
Blue, Katie Para Inclusion  Email
Bock, Hailey Math Email
Bogue, Stephanie Orchestra Email
Borron, Tracy Math Intervention/Coach Email
Broaddus, Mike Athletic Coordinator Email
Bustos, Andrea Dance Email
Camacho, Annissa Para EA Email
Cantu, Carmen Para ESL Email
Carter, David Science/Coach  Email
Clark, Meredith
Corona, Ray AVID/Cyber/ /Coach Email
Crumpley, Nicole College & Career Readiness/Coach Email
Day, Kristen Librarian Email
Ditta, Matthew Math/GT Email
Dwyer, Cordell ELA/Coach Email
Friend, Whitney Para Inclusion  Email
Galindo, Jessica P.E./Coach Email
Garza, Kimberly LSSP Email
Gavlick, Jaycee Math Email
Giddens, Stephanie Social Studies Email
Gonzales, Nichele Assistant Band Director Email
Goodenough, Bailey Social Studies/Coach Email
Gracyn, Joline Science Email
Gutierrez, Bernie Tech App/Coach Email
Gutierrez, Santana EA Email
Hackett, Tamiko Para EA Email
Hallum, Christina Art Email
Harcrow, Kara ELA Email
Head, Tori ELA Email
Henderson, Valerie
Assistant Principal
(6th Grade)
Holland, Elijah Theater Email
Ingersoll, Guy Math/Algebra Email
Keller, April Accounting Assistant Email
Konecki, Niki Spanish Email
Kunkel, Alia CIC Email
Lawyer-Jefferson, Joshua Assistant Principal (8th Grade) Email
Leslie, Trevor Youth Leadership Email
Lien, Kelsey Band Director Email
Lowak, Jennifer Sped Inclusion Email
Lopez, Junita Attendance Email
Lopez Lightfoot, Geneva SLP Email
Luna, Jessica CTE Email
Martinez,  Anacrystal Math Email
Massey, Jennifer Art Email
Mattson, Amy Registrar Email
McCelvey, Kayla Campus Intervention Email
McBee, Amy Counselor (L-Z) Email
McCarty, Justin
Mendoza, April
Para Behavior
Mondragon, Patrick Principles of Manufacturing  Email
Morawiec, Kelly Para Inclusion Email
Mummert, Jason Principal Email
Nepveux, John Science Email
Nerad, Stephanie Senior Associate Email
Nicholson, Jonah Social Studies Email
Norman, Beth Science Email
Phillips Dawn Math/Algebra Email
Ponce, Sylvia Nurse Email
Puente, Jesse SRO Email
Regan, Heather Community and Schools Email
Reid, Nichole Counselor  Email
Richardson, Azziya
Rivera, Eloisa
Rivera, Joseph Behavior/Coach Email
Salinas, Diana ELA Email
Salter, Amanda
Assistant Principal
(7th Grade)
Sanchez, Elizabeth ESL/Inclusion Email
Sanchez, Kaitlin Science Email
Shed, Nancy Social Studies Email
Smith, Mason ELA Email
Starling, Megan Assistant Athletic Coord Email
Stivers, John Social Studies/Coach Email
Thomson, Beth ARD Facilitator Email
Vogel, Tara EA Email
Webster, Karlee Sped Inclusion Email
White, Lyn Computer Science Email
Wong, Sherri ELA Email
Wood, Whitney Science Email
Zamarron, Albert Sped Resource Email
Zanetta, Nancy Sped Resource Email